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Craft your story in an epic fantasy world

AI-driven Role Playing Game

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“Draconian Dungeons” offers unparalleled freedom of action. With open-ended storylines and a world that reacts to your every decision, the possibilities are endless. Your adventure awaits, written by the most powerful storyteller of all – your imagination.

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In the vast, unpredictable landscapes of Draconian Dungeons, your power and prowess are defined by your choices. Select from classes that offer distinct paths of bravery and skill, and prepare to face a menagerie of monsters that roam the shadowed corners of the world.


Barbarians channel their primal rage into mighty feats of strength and endurance, becoming unstoppable forces on the battlefield.


Fighters are versatile warriors, skilled in combat and capable of mastering a variety of weapons and tactics to dominate any skirmish


Monks blend martial arts prowess with mystical energy, delivering rapid, precise strikes and harnessing their inner chi for supernatural abilities.


Monstrosities are fearsome beasts with bizarre forms and terrifying abilities, born from the darkest corners of fantasy and nightmare.


Beasts are wild creatures of the natural world, ranging from predatory animals to majestic and often dangerous entities of the wilderness.


Undead are relentless beings risen from death, haunting the living with their insatiable hunger and chilling presence.


Embark on a journey through uncharted territories, where every path leads to discovery and every turn holds the promise of adventure.


Unearth ancient treasures hidden in forgotten dungeons, their riches and mysteries awaiting those brave enough to claim them.


Retreat to the warmth of the tavern, where tales of adventure are shared over ale and friendships are forged in the glow of the hearth.

Theatre of the Mind

"As a player, the limitless open-ended gameplay fuelled by my imagination has crafted unique, unforgettable stories at every turn—truly a boundless adventure."

Familiar 5e Rules

"If I'm rolling a persuasion skill check or a saving throw against poison damage, the AI just knows how to apply the rules correctly."

RPG with actual Role Play

"I love it how you character's actions are not limited in any way. I can choose to do anything and the AI dungeon master adapts the story to my decision."
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